The Perfect Settlement Gift

Settlement Gifts can sometimes be rather impersonal and, quite often, are no surprise to your clients...after all, they've probably bought a home before and expect a hamper or a bottle of something sparkly.So why not give them something you KNOW they'll love? And, at just $35, something that won't even come close to breaking your budget?We specialize in turning your marketing images into stunning watercolor sketches in a very short period of time (we ask that you give us two working days.Imagine how unexpectedly surprised your new owner will be at receiving something so personal and so unique...

Check out some of our latest
watercolour Settlement Sketches...

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What's Included for $35?

For $35, you get a stunning A3/Tabloid-size (approx 17"x11") image that you can print out on any office printer . Frame it, print on canvas or just roll them up in a ribbon of your corporate colours, pop in a business card and you're done! They scale down perfectly to A4 size too, if you prefer.We'll also send you two phone-sized images to text to your buyer/seller to say "Welcome Home" and "Thank You".

Some presentation suggestions...

1. Buy a frame and give it to your clients like that. You can pick up A3 frames with a mat board like the one below for around $15 at places like IKEA and Kmart.

2. Simply print the image and roll it up in a ribbon of your corporate colours, slide in a business card and leave it at their home with a bottle of something red. Or white. Or a bunch of flowery things.

3. Have it printed on canvas. Many print shops and department stores have an affordable next-day service. But if you do want to go for the canvas option, please speak with us first as the image will need adjusting to suit.

Four Easy Steps To Order

(hint: YOU only need to do Step 1, we do the rest)

Step 1: email us


You send us a hi-res image of your listing (or a link to it on your website if the photo is a large size). And let us know the name of the sales agent(s) so we can pop their name on the phone images. That's it...that's all you need to get going! The rest is up to us.

Step 2: the work starts


We turn that photo into a sketch using your preferred style: Watercolor, Oil, Vintage, Urban Funk or Uncolored Funk. If you're happy for us to chose the style that'll best suit, great!

Step 3: we send you the images


Within 2 working days, we'll email back 3 stunning images for you to use. All you have to do is print the big one and send the smaller ones as text messages to your clients (more on all of this below).

Step 4: payment


We invoice you ($35 total) once the images have been sent to you and you can pay securely via PayPal or Credit Card (or direct bank transfer for Australian residents)



I just wanted to let you know what a great service Troy of Red Squirrel Designs provides. Very efficient, forthcoming with ideas and any changes required were promptly dealt with.  Could be a great vendor or purchaser gift. Thanks Troy for all your assistance. Cheers! Dee.


Dee Westfield
Bushby Property Group


“Thank you Redsquirreldesigns for allowing me to present my vendors with such a beautiful and personal memento of their much loved long term family home. 
Excellent work, priced well and fast turnaround! I would have no hesitation in recommending your services and look forward to a great on-going relationship with your company.


Janet Fletcher
Ray White North Ryde


Hi Troy. That is like frigging amazing!

Top Stuff… love it. I will be sure to show all the staff in my office.


Kylie Rodwell
RE/MAX Gold Coast


  • 17x11" sized sketch

    Styles include Watercolour, Urban Funk, Vintage and Pencil PLUS you also get two phone-sized images to text to your buyer & seller.
  • Priority Listing Sketch

    Got a hot lead you need to jump on? Get that listing by presenting your clients with a stunning watercolour image of their home.
  • Company logo

    Add your company logo as a watermark in the corner for that subtle promotion
  • Agent Signature

    Every artist has a signature and we'll add yours to the larger image!

Order / Enquiry

If this is something you'd like to look into, feel free to get in touch and we'll get back to you with some info about how to get up and running (tip: it takes about 30 seconds!).

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? Hopefully, we have the answers...

Our regular package of a large, print-ready A3 (approx 17x11 inch) image plus two phone-sized images is just $35 total. If you'd like to add that extra little bit of promotion for your office, we can add your company logo in the corner as a watermark for an extra $5. If you'd like to add your signature as well, it's an extra $5.


We also have our Priority Listing Service coming shortly for when you get a hot lead that someone is selling and you want to blow their socks off! That's $50. We'll announce more on that when it's launched.

Once we've finished doing what we do best, we'll email you back three images:
1. An A3/Tabloid-size (approx 17x11 inch) print-ready drawing of the home.
2. A mobile-phone sized image with a "Thank You" message for you to send to your seller.
3. A similar phone-sized image with a "Welcome Home" message for your buyer.

All you have to do is print the large image on your office printer. If you don't have a colour printer that can handle the slightly larger size, then your local print shop will be able to do it for about a dollar! And then send the phone-sized images to your clients via text message when you think the time is right.

For Australian agents, we can print, frame, package and deliver nationwide for a total of $105. We use a large frame from IKEA that, in order to save on cost and postage weight, uses a perspex instead of glass (although you wouldn't know it unless you start prodding!). However, the whole idea here is to for you to be able to impress the heck out of your clients WITHOUT spending too much so we recommend you pop out to your local shops and grab yourself a frame or ten and do it yourself. Most stationary office supply places and department stores will have frames to suit for about $15.

In the vast majority of circumstances, we'd recommend going with the watercolour style. However, if we think the home has a certain character that lends itself to an alternate style (like Vintage), we'll get in touch and let you know.

From the time we receive your order, to having the images back, we ask for two working days. Often, we can get them back a little quicker! If you've completely forgotten that your listing settles today and you need it urgently, let us know and we'll see what we can do about dropping everything for you.

Once work is complete and we've sent the images back to your email inbox, we'll send an invoice. you can pay securely by credit card or PayPal. For Australian agents, we'll give you the option of direct bank transfer. Whatever suits you best.

Well obviously we need the image of the home you want drawn. We'd prefer the original hi-res photo that your photographer took but if you only have a link to the home online, we can usually get by with that provided it's a decent sized image. Let us know the name of the sales agent and the name of the office so we can add those to the phone-sized images and....that's it!

You can either use the ORDER section above or send us an email directly at [email protected]

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